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Shop Standards

Be Respectful -

Self explanatory. Please respect the guests in the studio and the artists. We want the best experience for everyone in the studio.

One Guest Max-

We understand getting a tattoo can be scary and we allow one guest per client to be permitted in the tattoo area. We want our artists to be as focused as they can be.

18 and Up-

If you are underage you must be accompanied by your legal guardian. Must bring ID or Passport to appointment.

No Children Allowed-

We understand that many of you have kids and we ask that you don't bring them to your appointment. You will be asked to leave and will forfeit your deposit if they come with you.

No Animals Allowed-

We love animals just as much as many of you. Due to  Boulder county law 7-714 Animals shall not be allowed in the body art facilities. Service animals with valid identification are allowed into non procedure areas, such as the lobby. Emotional support animals, unfortunately are not allowed in the studio.

No Alcohol or Hard Drugs-

Do not show up to your appointment drunk or on hard drugs. We will ask you to leave.

No Food in Tattoo Area-

Please eat before your appointment. If you are sitting for a long session, eating food is allowed in the front sitting area.

Sound and Noise-

If you wish to listen to your own music or watch shows on your phone then you must wear headphones.

Deposits are Required-

Each artist requires a deposit in order to book an appointment with them. The deposit transfers into the final cost of the tattoo. Deposits are non refundable (each artist has their own policy)


Cleanliness is a priority to tattoo artists and we ask that you come clean and washed. A tattoo studio is an intimate setting and no one wants to smell body odor.

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